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What's New? -

The Climbers' Club have published their latest guide to Southern Sandstone - available from Cordee. A brief review here...

The Sandstone Volunteers' Group are a loose knit bunch of climbers who carry out conservation and access work on the Wealder Sandstone outcrops
The website has just been re-vamped... Sandstone Volunteers' Group.
Our next major project will be the 2nd phase of work at Harrison's Rocks this coming winter. Keep an eye on the SVG website or Facebook page for further details.

For SVG updates whilst work is going on, see here
. There are a few pictures of the latest SVG work here

The Steve Durkin Sandstone Trust is generating a fund to maintain access and conserve the sandstone outcrops of the Kent and Sussex Weald
The website is here Steve Durkin Sandstone Trust

Cheers, Graham.

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